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The Craft Room Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

This is happening … I think we need to talk about crafting in isolation. If you're listening to this as it goes to air, it is towards the end of April 2020 and we're in a pandemic. Whether you prefer to say that you’re stuck stuck inside or safe at home, self isolation is a thing.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Oh, she's going to tell us we should make the most of our time, seize this opportunity and do lots of craft.”. Well, yes and no. I do have a list of 14 things that you, as a crafter, might find useful right now. But they are only ideas. This list might be equally as useful to you in other situations, like if you find yourself confined to the house with a broken leg, recovering from surgery, taking annual leave … so it’s not all COVID-19 doom and gloom. If you just don’t feel like doing anything, I have some thoughts on that as well.

1. Make items for essential workers
2. Art Exhibition
3. Craft for Charity
4. Level up your craft skills
5. Organize your Craft Supplies
6. Finish Things
7. Teach someone your craft
8. Do a Challenge
9. Craft socially via Zoom
10. Catch up on Your Favourite Crafty YouTubers
11. Break up with a craft
12. Take an online class or course
13. Take stock of your Supplies and Shop Online
14. Prepare for Christmas

Also ... do something ... or do nothing. What will make you feel better today?

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